E.Excel EverNew Orange – to lower cholesterol and blood sugar

Eexcel EverNew

EverNew Orange is a natural, convenient, deliciously orange beverage formulated on the principles of Nutritional Immunology to provide both soluble and insoluble fiber and is a natural way to promote efficient digestion and reduce calorie intake.

Soluble fiber can lower the level of cholesterol in the blood. Insoluble fiber can enhance digestion and aid metabolism. Research indicates that fiber plays a very important role in the body: it can prevent intestine, stomach and heart diseases, diabetes and some cancers.

One serving of EverNew Orange provides 12 grams of fiber, almost half of your fiber needs for an entire day—48%!—and zero fat! Research has indicated that the soluble fiber found in oranges is particularly helpful in controlling cholesterol levels. Combined with insoluble fiber in psyllium, you have both types of fiber your body requires in one tangy orange drink!

In addition to fiber, EverNew Orange also contains antioxidants found in whole oranges, bananas and oats. With the whole orange content, EverNew Orange is a good source of the antioxidant, Vitamin C which helps fight free radical damage and stimulates collagen production. Like all citrus fruits, orange contains protopectin—a naturally occurring cholesterol-lowering compound made up of cellulose and pectin. Cellulose absorbs fluid from the intestines and pushes the contents in the intestinal tract, while pectin provides lubrication and ensures smooth passage for food. Orange peel helps to treat appetite loss, nausea, indigestion, gas, lung mucus and acne.

All of that and only 16 grams of carbohydrates and 70 little calories per serving!

EverNew Orange comes in a box of 30 individually wrapped servings, making it easy to grab and go. Mix it with water or fruit juice to increase dietary fiber to cleanse and refresh the body.

Add EverNew Orange to water to increase dietary fiber and fluid content to cleanse and refresh the body. EverNew-D is formulated for those who require a low sugar diet.

Eexcel EverNew-D

Low Sugar | Vegan Friendly
Powdered Beverages; 30 Packages/Box, 18g packets

A refreshing and tasty fiber-rich beverage for those with low-sugar needs.

• The digestive tract cannot accept excessive amounts of one type of fiber. EverNew Orange contains a balanced mix of soluble and insoluble natural fiber and is suitable for all ages.
• EverNew Orange contains plant-based fiber, which fills you up quickly and curbs appetite, helping you to control weight. • Consuming large quantities of fiber can help purge toxins in the body, maintain cleanliness of the intestinal tract and give your skin a youthful glow.

Noteworthy Ingredients:  Psyllium Husk, Orange, Banana, Oat

Psyllium husk is commonly added to high fiber meals to achieve high fiber intake. Psyllium husk can promote bowel movement and lower the risk of intestinal issues. The high fiber content of psyllium husk also aids in weight control by expanding the stomach which helps provide a feeling of fullness. It also slows digestion to feel full longer.

Suggested dosage:
• Throughout the day: Mix EverNew Orange with warm or cold water and drink immediately. Using hot water is not advisable as it destroys.
• EverNew Orange’s nutritional value and causes the drink to become gluey and unpalatable.
• To aid in weight management, consume a package of EverNew Orange half an hour before each meal.

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