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Have your body started complaining with age? By the time wrinkles and fine lines appear, the body would have been ageing for a long time. Ageing is a continuous process.

Research shows that the body starts wearing out at 25 — cell function declines, and the organs and epidermis age accordingly. Hence, looking young is no assurance that the internal organs are also in tip-top condition. Ageing weakens the immune system, making the body vulnerable to all kinds of illnesses.

The best guard against ageing would thus be maintaining a healthy body early on. It begins with healthy habits such as having a balanced plant-based diet, which provides the nutrients to delay ageing.

Ageing is not the mark of the elderly, because age is not the sole factor of ageing. Human body cells age faster when the body is permanently exposed to contaminated environments, air pollution, food additives, heavy metals, smoking, unhealthy diets, stress and irregular work hours. When cells age faster than they can regenerate, the body will be vulnerable to attacks by illnesses. What’s more, the loss of collagen due to ageing of internal organs results in skin that loses elasticity and firmness.

Nourish your skin and overall health with a variety of precious plant ingredients.

Oxyginberry Beverage is made from extract of precious ingredient: Ginseng Berry, Cactus Fruit, Cactus, Grape Seed, Rose and Seaweed. Oxyginberry Beverage is rich in powerful antioxidants, phytochemicals and trace minerals, to nourish the organs and enhance coordination between the various system in the body. It defends the entire body against ageing from within, in natural, healthy way. The body radiates the vibrancy of youth, living younger each day.

EExcel Oxyginberry

Oxyginberry Beverage 30 Packages/Box
Oxyginberry Beverage is carefully formulated with a variety of precious botanicals to provide nourishment for health and beauty.

Noteworthy Ingredients:  Cactus, Ginseng, Grape, Rose, Cactus Fruit, Seaweed, Cherry, Yellow Peach, Lemon, Blueberry

Take one or two packages daily. Mix well with 100ml of warm water and consume anytime in the day.

Oxyginberry Capsules is a capsule version of this product. 100 Capsules/Bottle, 2 Bottles
Noteworthy Ingredients:  Cactus, Ginseng, Seaweed, Rose, Cactus Fruit, Grape Seed

The Oxyginberry Beverage series has another flavour:
Oxyginberry Beverage (Rose). 30 Packages/Box, 15 grams per package.
Noteworthy Ingredients:  Cactus, American Ginseng, Cherry, Blueberry, Peach, Rose, Seaweed

Take one or two packages daily. Mix well with 100ml of warm water and consume anytime in the day.

Oxyginberry stimulates collagen production in our body.

How Oxyginberry® Works?
Plentiful antioxidants in grape seed extract, ginseng berry, and cactus fruit help fight oxidative stress in the body, supporting vital organs like the heart and liver. Abundant vitamin C in rose is also a powerful antioxidant, while seaweed concentrates all of the ocean’s nutrients in perfect balance, providing one of the richest sources of minerals, trace elements, amino acids, antioxidants, polysaccharides and enzymes found anywhere in nature. Seaweed also contains B-complex vitamins and vitamins D, E and K. Charged minerals and trace elements ionize and help rejuvenate cells and connective tissue, and stimulate collagen synthesis and cellular turnover. It is perfect for the body and skin.

Oxyginberry is suitable for anyone from baby to elderly, reason being it is a synergized organic wholesome plant food beverage and can be prepared very conveniently.  The right species, highest nutrient parts of the plants and harvesting time are being researched when formulating the Oxyginberry.

Oxyginberry Beverage is perfect for:

1. Men – hero of the family to stay healthier, stronger and more energetic and alert to handle work and making quick decision during critical hour, prevent chronic diseases such as high cholesterol and diabetes

2. Women – slimmer, prettier, and healthier, fair complexion, muscle more toned up, prevent internal organs from sagging especially womb

3. Children – helps to build up their immunity to combat common illnesses and even when they fall ill, they will recover faster.  Oxyginberry also help the children to have better concentration at learning times as well as promoting eye health.

4. Elderly – more active and quality lifestyle, prevent degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis, macular degeneration, prevent premature aging and as well as improving their mental health to prevent alzheimer and dementia. 

5. Pregnant women and lactation mums the more they should take Oxyginberry!  Mummy drinks and benefit the foetus from the womb and breast milk to the infant to build stronger immunity.  Oxyginberry helps the mummies to be back in shape faster as well with tone and firm up skin.

Can I replenish collagen by applying or eating collagen?
Many people attempt to replenish their collagen levels by applying or eating collagen. However, the collagen molecules in skin care products are too big for the skin to absorb. After collagen is eaten, it is broken down and no longer exists in the body as collagen, so it cannot replace the collagen that the human body produces. Some animal-based foods may be high in collagen, but they are also high in calories, fats, and cholesterol. Thus, the best way to replenish collagen is to consume plants rich in antioxidants—this improves the body’s ability to produce collagen. Consuming a wider variety of antioxidants can stimulate higher collagen production in the body.

Extra Excel Malaysia

Consuming healthy plant foods plays a major role in having healthy, radiant skin. Plant foods that are abundant in various nutrients, especially antioxidants, help protect against a dull complexion and collagen insufficiency.

Rosytime 恋玫

Cactus has incredible anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties and helps in the prevention of diabetes by normalising the secretion of insulin to balance blood sugar levels.

Cactus fruit boasts seven times more antioxidants than vitamin C. Besides that, cactus fruit is an excellent source of skin-nourishing nutrients, including riboflavin and vitamins A, B1, D3, and B12. In addition, research indicated that cactus fruit plays a significant role in promoting cell repair and renewal.

– Super-Antioxidant – prevent free-radical damage 
– Increase skin hydration, prevent fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin softness and fineness
– Improve blood circulation for better concentration and memory 

Rosytime 恋玫

– Antioxidant – help prevent oxidative damage, promote wound healing, encourage phagocytic activity, boost immune system
– Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial properties
– Lighten skin pigmentation, gives a fairer and smoother skin
– Relieve feminine health problems 

– Rich source of minerals, trace elements, amino acids, antioxidants, phytoestrogen, polysaccharides, and enzymes
– Contains fucoidans, meroterpenoids – antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory 
– Eliminates toxin from our system, prevent blood clotting in the uterus
– Anti-aging skin care
– Help chronic joint-diseases 

– Super antioxidant (OPC) – 20 times more powerful than Vitamin C, 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E
– Protect cells against oxidative damage by the free radicals, therefore improve inner health and slow down ageing 
– Protect vision – slow down diabetic retinopathy by strengthening blood vessels and improving blood circulation in the eyes.

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