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A side hustle is a new job security
In facing the soaring inflation and job insecurity, do you have a back up plan?
Join us to find out how,
1) A fresh graduate
2) A stay at home mom
3) An employee
4) A working professional
are combating in this economy with eLEAD global e-commence business opportunity as their solution.
This could be the solution you have been seeking for!!

iTeam iTV English

After Joining Elead, Pricillia had a closer relationship with her mother. Upline & crossline are super supportive, which promotes a happy working environment.

She learn to step out of her comfort zone, and approach strangers. Learn not to accept rejection and built up strong mentality. Elead has their own unique selling point that differentiates a products or brand from other competitors, where wholesome food are use to nourish out immune system.

This business does not require any capital. No stock up on stock, low risk. Earning passive income, even when you are sleeping.

iTeam iTV English

After graduating from Malaysia famous University, UKM, chances of being employed in profession are getting bleak. Does it mean that graduating is the beginning of being unemployed?

Jia Ho’s grow up with 3 younger siblings。 During his studies, his mother is in the position of worrying bills to pay, taxes to settle, younger siblings to look after, tuition fees and sorts cost to bear by mother.

His initial thoughts were to study hard, get good grades, so that he can earn lots of incentives and ease his mother burden, and barely can feel the quality of life. No matter how hard he try in getting good grades, entering public university to save school fees, the fact is every year inflation is happening, where all the hard savings does not help.

Jia ho made decision to be in Elead global, ecommerce business, with min amount of investment, with lots of return in terms of network with people, take care own image, courage towards talking & etc. Sharing the greatness of Nutritional immunology.

Glad being a happy engineer, aiming good health, & having good relationship with families.

iTeam iTV English

Joelyn from New Zealand, a mother of 2, working as a property accounts manager in a Telco Company. For the past 17 years, living in a laid-back country, with work life balance.

However due to pandemic, created lots of uncertainty, especially in job secutiry. Business restructuring which triggers Joelyn to start looking for Plan B as back up. Full-time employee will lead to income stop when we stop working. We should not put all eggs in one basket.
After she being introduced to eLEAD e-commerce platform, she jumped at chance. This is a very smart business model that come with the right products.

She transforms from an “obasan” to a younger looking mom by taking part in 7 days diet exchange programme, and manage to slim down perfectly. She loves sharing daily life in social media, family and friends watching her transform day by day. By just happy sharing, she manager to establish a small network of consumers across 5 countries in just 4 months’ time. Earning 4-digit USD income monthly by just using a mobile phone.

Everyone of us have only 24 hours a day, wouldn’t it be perfect if our time can be duplicated and income be multiplicated via a great partnership? The best time to change your life is NOW.

iTeam iTV English

Ivy work in German MNC in Singapore, and a mother of 3 kids. Employees, income is stable, but no time freedom. Singapore lifestyle & studies also expensive. She tried to earn extra money in working sideline, online sales or other business, also does not lead to happy and easy life.

Day by day children grow up, parents keep on working for money, and the time bonding with children is getting lesser and lesser.

Ivy get in touch with Nutritional Immunology 1 year ago, slim down 9 kg in 6 weeks, and also manage to improve her health in reducing antibiotics every month. After understand the Nutritional Immunolgy concept, she realises that eating medicine does not helps in improving health.

Slowly understand that Iteamworld platform is an international platform, which with just 1 hp, she can expand her business to the world 14 countries, while still having quality times with children, which lead to happy life.

Nobody can go back to the past and re-do what have been past, but we are the author of our life, we can write a brand-new future from this very moment.

iTeam iTV English

Mei Lee
A mother of two. Few years ago, struggling between work and kids, then give up her 18yrs job life for family. But feel very insecure depending on one source of income.

She and her family benefited from NI products. Then she decides to made some changes and started to share Nutritional immunology concept with friends. Mei Lee was rather shy, quiet and negative person at the beginning, but after join iTeam, she learns to communicate effectively and appreciate what she has in life. She had become more positive & confident, while being surrounded by successful people.

She stops following Korean drama, but instead she follows IBS, to learn knowledge and new skills, in order to provide professional services to customes. Tune in IBS with her handphone, while preparing dinner, or while driving.

Iteam business give her chance to enjoy free trip, where she won free trip to Yunnan in 2020. Next round will be Royal Carribean trip challenge. Extra bonus in this business is that, her effort won’t go vain after she retire, but she can pass down to her children.

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