iHealth News: Anticancer Compounds in Radish and Carrot

Sakurajima Daikon May Protect Heart Health

Sakurajima Daikon is known as a functional food. Japanese scientists have found that Sakurajima Daikon contains trigonelline, which may improve vascular endothelial function. This could help protect heart blood vessels and potentially protect against heart disease. Further research could lead to the discovery of similar substances in other vegetables and perhaps lead to new drug treatments.


May 2020

Anticancer Compounds in Radish and Carrot
Research has shown that sulforaphane (SFA) from broccoli has anticancer effects. Now, research done with six different cancer cell lines show that sulforaphene (SFE) from radish—a close chemical relative of SFA from broccoli—also has significant anticancer effects and can help stop the proliferation of cancer cells. Compared to cruciferous vegetables, radish is a better source of SFE. Other plant nutrients, such as falcarindiol found in carrots, also has potential anticancer properties, such as causing cancer cell death.

先前的研究发现,西兰花(花椰菜)中的萝卜硫素(SFA)具有抗癌功效。 如今,科学家们发现,萝卜中的莱菔素(SFE,与西兰花中的SFA是近亲的化学物质)对六种不同的癌细胞系也具有显着的抗癌功效,有助于阻止癌细胞的增殖。相较于十字花科的蔬菜,萝卜是SFE更好的来源。 其他的植物性营养,例如存在于胡萝卜中的泛醇,也具有抗癌的潜能,例如能够导致癌细胞的死亡。

Glucosinolates (GSLs) are major secondary metabolites found in Brassica vegetables such as radish, broccoli, kale, and kimchi cabbage. GSLs are not bioactive, but their hydrolytic breakdown products are thought to protect against cancer.

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Daikon, also known as white radish, is commonly used as an ingredient in soups, salads, and other dishes. It not only tastes delicious with a natural sweetness after being cooked, but also provides heaps of health benefits too!


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