Emunity mushroom
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Healthtalk (Emunity) 4 – How to boost your immune system

Cassia Seeds, Cordyceps Mycelium, Shiitake Mushrooms, Brazilian Mushrooms, Maitake Mushrooms, Blueberries…… does a better, more amazing combination even exist?... Read More
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Healthtalk (Emunity) 3 – Enhance and Balance Immune System

E-munity is rich in antioxidants & different types of polysaccharides, scientists found that polysaccharides rapidly boost up our immune... Read More
E-munity 蕈菇
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Healthtalk (Emunity) 2 – Rich in polysaccharides

Every type of mushroom is full of unique combinations of polysaccharides. The more different types of mushrooms you eat,... Read More
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Healthtalk (Emunity) 1 – The health benefits of Mushrooms

Don’t let stress deprive you of a healthy, wealthy, and prosperous life. Everyone faces some form of... Read More
Polysaccharides 多醣体
E-Munity Nutritional Immunology Polysaccharides

What is Polysaccharides?

Polysaccharides are carbohydrate structure made of many simple sugars called monosaccharides. Mushrooms are well known rich in polysaccharides which... Read More