Soygreen 巧绿

Healthtalk (Soygreen) 8 – The health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables, as treasures of nature, not only add vibrancy to our meals but also serve as vital... Read More
Soygreen 巧绿

Healthtalk (Soygreen) 7 – The Power of Micronutrients

Micronutrients are the foundation of optimal health, and Soygreen is here to support your journey towards a healthier, more... Read More
Meal Replacement

Healthtalk (Soygreen) 5 – Meal Replacement

There are so many priorities in life and it’s hard to focus on everything while maintaining a balanced and... Read More
Soygreen 巧绿

Healthtalk (Soygreen) 4 – The secret of losing weight healthly

Choose SoyGreen to help you in your weight management process, and get more energy compared to before!... Read More
Soygreen 巧绿

Healthtalk (Soygreen) 3 – Who is suitable for this product?

SoyGreen contains psyllium husk which is rich in soluble fiber, to help soften stools, relieve constipation and irritable bowel... Read More
Soygreen 巧绿

Healthtalk (Soygreen) 2 – Nutritional Meal Replacement

Soybean is free of cholesterol and contains a lot of protein. Soy isoflavones can reduce the cholesterol index, and... Read More
Soygreen 巧绿

Healthtalk (Soygreen) 1 – Manage Body Weight

Consume Soygreen every morning or before having a meal, it can help to reduce weight, and prevent coronary heart... Read More