Fibertalk 纤语 - Psyllium
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Healthtalk (FiberTalk) 8 – Never underestimate the power of fiber

With our busy lives, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of your fruit and vegetables intake. Sometimes we... Read More
Chamoment 茶氛
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Healthtalk (ChaMoment) 6 – Helps in reducing stress

According to a study from the University of Newcastle in the UK, green tea polyphenols also support brain cell... Read More
Chamoment 茶氛 green tea
ChaMoment Health Talks

Healthtalk (ChaMoment) 5 – Green Tea can aid in weight loss

The caffeine and catechin present in green tea acts as a stimulant that has been shown to aid fat... Read More
Fibertalk 纤语
FiberTalk Health Talks

Healthtalk (FiberTalk) 7 – Alternative to high calorie drinks

It is suitable for those who want to control their weight, for office workers who have a busy life... Read More
Fibertalk 纤语
FiberTalk Health Talks

Healthtalk (FiberTalk) 6 – The key ingredient to prevent heart disease

Heart disease is the leading killer of both men and women according to the Centers for Disease Control and... Read More
Berrybeat 心欢
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Healthtalk (BerryBeat) 4 – Foods help your heart be healthy

How can you build a healthy heart for yourself through a proper diet? Here are some eating habits that... Read More
Chamoment 茶氛
ChaMoment Health Talks

Healthtalk (ChaMoment) 4 – Healthcare on Body and Mind

The consumption of ChaMoment daily helps to ensure that you’re getting the maximum benefits of plant based nutrients daily.... Read More
Soygreen 巧绿
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Healthtalk (Soygreen) 4 – The secret of losing weight healthly

Choose SoyGreen to help you in your weight management process, and get more energy compared to before!... Read More
RaisinTree 藤密
Health Talks RaisinTree

Healthtalk (Raisintree) 3 – Relieves Hangover

The combination of Hovenia dulcis (H. dulcis) relieves hangover symptoms, American ginseng provides vitality and monk font acts as... Read More
心欢 Berrybeat
BerryBeat Health Talks

Healthtalk (BerryBeat) 3 – Prevent Cardiovascular diseases

Hawthorn, raspberry, blueberry and cranberries are the key components of BerryBeat. It is perfect for office employees whose hectic... Read More