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Global patterns in excess body weight and the associated cancer burden

由美國癌症協會、倫敦帝國理工學院以及哈佛陳曾熙公共衛生學院共同發表的一篇評論指出,超重與罹患癌症的風險有關聯。 The American Cancer Society, Imperial College London, and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health have coauthored... Read More
Eexcel News - Mushrooms may lower cancer risk

菇类可降低癌症的罹患风险 Mushrooms May Lower Cancer Risk

Researchers discovered that eating just 18 grams of mushroom a day (equal to about just two medium-sized mushrooms) may... Read More
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萝卜、胡萝卜中含有抗癌化合物 Anticancer Compounds in Radish and Carrot

Research has shown that sulforaphane (SFA) from broccoli has anticancer effects. Now, research done with six different cancer cell... Read More
iHealth News - vegetable Luufa

丝瓜能够帮助预防高脂肪饮食导致的肥胖 Luffa Can Help Prevent Obesity Caused By High-Fat Diets

Research shows luffa has an abundance of nutrients that can help mitigate the negative effects of a high-fat diet.... Read More
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Remission Possible for Type 2 Diabetes 有望擺脫2-型糖尿病

An intensive low-calorie diet involving a total daily intake of 700 calories for 8 weeks is associated with the... Read More
iHealth News - Sugar Substitutes

代糖可能會破壞肝臟的解毒功能 Sugar Substitutes May Disrupt Liver Detoxification

Results from a new study suggest that two sugar substitutes disrupt the function of a protein that plays a... Read More
Soybean protein

补充剂 Supplements – Certain Supplements Linked to Serious Health Issues

Some supplements sold in the U.S. for weight loss, muscle building, energy, and colon cleansing, have been found to... Read More
iHealth News - Eating healthier could extend life expectancy

饮食更健康可延长寿命 Eating healthier could extend life expectancy

New research predicts that healthier choices could extend lifespan by six to seven years in middle-aged age adults. The... Read More
Rhapsody 协奏曲, Ginseng

人参皂苷Rb1被发现对神经具有保护作用 Ginsenoside Rb1 Found to Have Neuroprotective Effects

Ginsenosides are compounds unique to ginseng. Research shows that ginsenosides have neuroprotective effects. ... Read More
iHealth News - Diet May Enhance Cancer Treatment

饮食可增强癌症治疗的效果 Diet May Enhance Cancer Treatment

Researchers found that restricting the consumption of the amino acid methionine, which is found in red meat and eggs,... Read More