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Healthtalk (Raisintree) 9 – Enhance and Protect your liver health

In today's society, liver protection has become particularly crucial due to the modern lifestyle and environmental threats that pose... Read More
Fatty Liver

Healthtalk (Raisintree) 8 – Fatty Liver

Fatty liver disease is a growing concern in today's sedentary lifestyle, affecting millions worldwide. The good news is that... Read More
Protect Your Liver Starting today

Healthtalk (Raisintree) 7 – Protect Your Liver Starting Today

The liver is a silent organ, as it lacks pain-sensitive nerves, so inflammation may occur without causing pain in... Read More
Symptoms of Fatty Liver & ways to prevent

Healthtalk (Raisintree) 6 – Symptoms of Fatty Liver & Ways to Prevent

Fatty liver disease, also known as hepatic steatosis, occurs when there is an accumulation of fat in liver cells.... Read More
Ensuring proper care for your liver

Healthtalk (Raisintree) 5 – Ensuring Proper Care For Your Liver

The liver is one of the most important detoxifying organs in the human body. Its function is similar to... Read More
RaisinTree 藤密, Alcohol & Liver Damage

Healthtalk (Raisintree) 4 – Alcohol and Live Damage

Alcohol is arguably one of the most delicious beverages as an adult to drown away from our sorrows and... Read More
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Healthtalk (Raisintree) 3 – Relieves Hangover

The combination of Hovenia dulcis (H. dulcis) relieves hangover symptoms, American ginseng provides vitality and monk font acts as... Read More
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Healthtalk (Raisintree) 2 – Protect Your Liver Health

About 80% of the world's liver cancer is caused by fatigue and staying up late for long periods of... Read More
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Healthtalk (Raisintree) 1 – Relieve both Drunkenness and Hangovers

The better we take care of our liver health, the better it will take care of us.... Read More