Healthtalk (ChaMoment) 1 – Protect the Brain Cells

Chamoment 茶氛

How many calories are you taking in everyday? If you want to look good, you have to put in the work.
Time to give up bubble tea and soda. Drink ChaMoment instead. Low calories is the way to go.

Green tea is chock full of antioxidants called flavonoids and phytochemicals.
Research by the University of Kansas in the United States suggested that polyphenols found in green tea leaves have antioxidants up to 100 times higher than vitamin C and 25 times higher than vitamin E!

Research shows that regular consumption of green tea can boost the body’s natural detoxification systemfight against free radical damage, and prevent our normal cells from mutating into harmful cancer cells. Research by Newcastle University in the United Kingdom also showed that polyphenols found in green tea helps to protect the brain cells.

Chamoment 茶氛 green tea, berries

As you grow older, your brain is exposed to more harmful stress due to lifestyle and environmental factors, resulting in a process called oxidation, which damages brain cells. Factors such as alcohol consumption, smoking and a diet high in saturated fats can also accelerate the rate of oxidation, causing problems such as accelerated memory loss.

Rust on the handlebars of a bike or a partially eaten apple gives you an idea of the kind of damage oxidation can cause to your brain. Food rich in antioxidants can help fend off the harmful effects of oxidation in your brain. Examples of foods include nuts, green tea and most berries (strawberries/ blueberries).

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Chamoment 茶氛

ChaMoment is a delightfully refreshing and healthy tea beverage made from green teajasmine, and ashitaba.

The exquisite aroma of jasmine helps one relax and may help alleviate stress. Enjoy the benefits of plant-based nutrients that help maintain general health.

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Jasmine is a fragrant flower added to teas and desserts and also used in essential oils for its exquisite scen

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