Nutritional Immunology
“Prevention is better than cure”
Nutritional immunology emphasizes on eating natural whole foods to stay healthy!
It goes beyond the basic nutrition for survival such as vitamins and proteins, instead, it researches into nutrients such as antioxidants, phytochemicals, polysaccharides etc. to boost immunity.
When the immune system is not at its optimum,
improving its resistance and providing proper nutrition for the immune system can better prevent diseases, cancer, bacteria, virus, infections and various pollutants.

Staying true to her personal beliefs of understanding the science behind Nutritional Immunology, Dr. Chen focused on research instead of the economic opportunities from creating vitamins. While E. Excel has a wide reach of distributors, she insists that her products are merely for convenience and are for people who lack the time to prepare a wide variety of plant foods for proper nutrition.

Fulfilling the roles of mother, scientist, entrepreneur, and educator, Dr. Chen has a great love for learning. Driven by her inquisitive nature, she seeks to achieve breakthroughs in Nutritional Immunology and to inspire her distributors to continuously strive for excellence. Dr. Chen is also a philanthropist with a passion for helping the less fortunate. Through the Jau Fei Chen E. Excel Scholarship and Research Fund, she hopes to give students the opportunity to pursue an education. E. Excel has touched many lives over the years through its support for various charitable organisations, such as the Red Cross, World Peace Association, World Vision International, and Mercy Relief.

E. Excel’s mission is to share the gifts of health and knowledge with mankind. This shared goal amongst E. Excel and their distributors unites them as one family of E. Excellers. Seeing how teaching the public to live and eat healthily has made a difference to countless lives over the years is most rewarding for Dr. Chen. She said with a smile, “Knowledge is one of the biggest gifts we can give to society. Knowing that we have somehow been an influence and have made some positive change in the world is what really makes it all worth the while.”

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