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Fibertalk 纤语

Fiber is a well-known natural slimming aid and works through various methods.

Weight loss is all about taking in fewer calories than you burn. Fiber can curb your appetite and help you feel full, so you’ll eat less and take in fewer calories. Even better, fiber has no extra calories! One of the hormones that controls the feeling of fullness is called cholecystokinin (CCK). Fiber helps increase the production of CCK and keeps it acting longer. This means that a diet high in fiber will leave you feeling fuller for longer.

Research done by the U.S. Department of Agriculture showed that people who consumed up to 36 grams of fiber a day absorbed about 130 calories less.

Fiber is a low-energy-dense food. By eating more fiber, you help crowd out the less-healthy calories and overall, reduce your caloric intake. One study showed that just adding one kind of soluble fiber to a diet reduced food intake by 11%!

Fibertalk 纤语 - Dietary Fiber

Fibertalk 纤语

Fibertalk 纤语 - Constipation

Fibertalk 纤语 - constipation

Fibertalk 纤语, Soluble

Fibertalk 纤语 - Dietary Fiber

Fibertalk 纤语 - Psyllium Husk

Fibertalk 纤语 breakfast

How is Fiber good for our digestive system?
Fiber is essential for our digestive system to run smoothly. Fiber helps clean our digestive system by gently scraping the walls of our intestines and collecting small particles so that they are removed from the body.

Soluble fiber is metabolized by our bacteria, and can help stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in our intestines.

The two types of fiber work in synergy to maintain the health of our bowels and help us keep regular bowel movements. Fiber prevents constipation, and reduces the risk of hemorrhoids and diverticulosis.

If you desire a slimmer figure, a healthy digestive system and body, then FiberTalk is the answer. So, if having slim figure is your thing, just remember, about half an hour before each meal, have a glass of Fibertalk.

Yes… with Fibertalk you can still enjoy your favourite food, while still maintaining a slim body figure.

By the way, if you are struggling with gastrointestinal problems, Fibertalk will definitely a great help to you. Also, you will be glad to know that Fibertalk contains both soluble and insoluble fiber, which makes it a very unique and one of a kind fiber drink product in the market place. These fibers will help you to reduce you calories intakes & have better digestion. More importantly, Fibertalk is a natural cleanser. 

Take it on a daily basis, you can be assured of a clean & healthy digestive system. So, let Fibertalk do the talking for your body today.

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Fibertalk 纤语

FiberTalk is a fiber-rich powdered beverage made from psyllium husk, banana, and orange to effectively regulate bowel movements, improve skin healthregulate cholesterol levelsmanage blood sugar levels, and promote healthy weight management

FiberTalk is a fantastic source of fiber that contains both soluble and insoluble fiber to promote a clean and healthy digestive system. 

Main Ingredients:
Psyllium Husk, Banana, and Orange

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Fibertalk 纤语, fiber
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