iHealth News: 绿茶有助于预防肾结石 Green Tea May Help Prevent Kidney Stones

Green Tea May Help Prevent Kidney Stones


Green Tea May Help Prevent Kidney Stones
Drinking green tea may be helpful in preventing kidney stones. Most kidney stones occur when minerals, such as calcium, accumulate and condense to form painful stones. A systematic review has found that tea exerts many protective effects against kidney stone formation by impeding the formation of the stones. Among the tea types studied, green tea demonstrated the most promise.


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As per the inclusion criteria, 13 studies were included in the final review. The major findings show that caffeine increases urinary excretion of calcium, sodium and magnesium, in addition to a diuretic action with consumption > 300–360 mg (approximately four cups of coffee). Together with other components of coffee, this beverage might have potential protective effects against the formation of urinary stones. Tea exerts many protective effects against stone formation, through the accompanying water intake, the action of caffeine and the effects of components with antioxidant properties.

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Chamoment 茶氛, Green Tea

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According to a study, Tea can be part of a healthy diet and may even increase one’s likelihood of living longer than those who don’t.

According to the findings, higher tea intake – defined as two or more cups per day – was associated with a 9% to 13% decreased risk of death from any cause compared to non-tea drinkers. Tea temperature, milk or sugar additions had no impact on the outcomes.

Although adding milk or sugar has no effect on the result, it is still recommended to drink your tea without sugar or with very little sugar to prevent obesity, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.


Chamoment 茶氛

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Chamoment 茶氛, Green Tea

Chamoment 茶氛, Green Tea

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