Health: 6 Nutrients for keeping kids healthy

Nutrients for kids

Nutrients are the key to our health and particularly important for growing bones and high energy levels. Everyone requires different nutrients depending on age, growth and activity. Children especially need the right nutrients in their diet to help them with the increased nutrient needs from physical activity, growth spurts and education.

Here are our top 6 nutrients that should keep your child healthy, during all stages of growth:

1. Protein ✨
The major building block of a cell, protein helps a child’s body to break down food into energy, fight infections and carry oxygen around the body. If your children are having a plant-based meal, make sure to consume variety of protein sources.

2. Fats ✨
Fats help to keep your cells healthy and their structure strong, they are anti-inflammatory and have a major role in supporting skin health, moisture and repair. It is necessary to have fat within your diet for your body to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins; vitamins D, E, K and A. Healthy fats include Omega-3 rich foods that help with brain health, development and growth.

3. Carbohydrates ✨
The main source of energy for the body – carbohydrates are essential for a well-functioning brain. Carbohydrates are responsible for regulating mood hormones and help children to use fats and protein for building and tissue repair. It is important to have complex carbohydrates that are full of wholegrains, fibre and other nutrients.

4. Calcium ✨
Calcium is essential for building strong bones and healthy teeth. But did you know that calcium is also important for energy production, immune system regulation, nerve and heart function?

5. Iron ✨
Necessary for healthy blood, iron aids normal cell function and carries oxygen into the cells all over the body, to support energy levels and reduce fatigue. Make sure your children are having foods high in Vitamin C if they are consuming non-haem iron, as this will help with absorption.

6. Vitamin C ✨
An essential nutrient, Vitamin C cannot be stored within the body and must be consumed often in the diet. Not only crucial for immune health; Vitamin C helps the body to heal wounds and reduces the development of bruises by strengthening the walls of blood vessels. Vitamin C helps keep gums and teeth healthy and supports the growth of strong bones.

Nourish Your Immune System From Young

Everyone wants their kids to grow up healthy and happy.

One of the reasons we advise children to eat well-balanced meals all of their life is because of this – the American Heart Association recently released a statement that clarified how parents and other adults may support children in developing long-term healthy eating habits.

The most crucial thing is us being the role model.
As a parent, we can make healthy food choices and demonstrate to them how much you value doing so.

The influence of parents or guardians on how children develop their eating habits is very important. By creating an environment that promotes your child’s healthy eating, children can form lifelong good eating habits and promote nutrition awareness now and in the future.

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