Health: Antibiotics Resistance

Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotics are often prescribed by doctors when you have infectious diseases. Strong medications known as antibiotics assist our bodies in fighting off bacteria-based illnesses. They quickly and successfully eradicate infections when used properly, making us feel better within a few days. Antibiotics, however, are not only ineffective when used to treat various medical disorders, they also pose a risk to our general health.

An increasing body of evidence indicates that when we use antibiotics to treat bacterial infections, our bodies become more resistant to them, negating their ability to heal the disease.

The longer the course of treatment for an antibiotic, the more damage that can be done to the body’s immune system. Besides, some antibiotics can have side effects, from digestive issues to bone damage to sensitivity to sunlight. Make sure to read the fine print that comes with your medicine, so that you know the risks.

The immune system is made up of many cells, specialised substances, and organs that interact in a very complex way. It is constantly prepared to ward off sickness and knows precisely when, why and how to take appropriate action to eliminate invasive material without endangering other neighboring cells. No medication can take the place of the body’s natural defense and repair mechanisms.

Society has a perception where hormones work in one day, antibiotics are effective in a few days, and drugs persist from days to weeks to months. Being healthy makes you less likely to go to the hospital and has no side effects.

Why is it so time-consuming to maintain health? Fat cells metabolize once every 90 days, blood cells 120 days, liver cells 180 days and 98% of immune cells in the body need 1 year to metabolize, so it takes time to give yourself a healthy body.

When we take healthcare as a kind of fun and enjoyment in life, it naturally becomes a daily habit to put yourself first. Get a strong body and a healthy mind! Health care is about perseverance, so be kind to yourself.

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