Health: How can we protect our eyes?

How can we protect our eyes?

We often refer to our eyes as “windows to the soul”. Gleaming eyes are the beginning of leaving a good impression on others. In the current situation, the pressure of work and study makes our eyes more and more fragile. In fact, for eyes and health, the more the exhaustion, the greater the damage.

There may be many relatives and friends around us who are short-sighted. So if you want to prevent yourself from being short-sighted, how can we protect our eyes in our daily life?

👀 Rest your eyes properly
Experts believe that correct eye habits are the top priority for eye protection. If you use your eyes for more than 40 minutes at a time, let your eyes rest, look into the distance, or close your eyes for a while, so that your eyes will not be easily tired and dry.

👀 Do not use eye drops
Since many eye drops are over-the-counter medicines, many people just drop a drop when their eyes are uncomfortable, and the results get worse with use. Even eye drops containing ingredients similar to dexamethasone (DXMS) can lead to cataracts, glaucoma, and permanent blindness after long-term use.

👀 Do more outdoor activities
Scheduling and increasing the rate of outdoor activities, such as going for a walk at lunch, and cutting back on your computer or cell phone can help your eye health.

👀 Eat more eye-friendly foods
Eat more eye-protecting foods on weekdays, such as broccoli, which contains vitamins, protein, etc. These nutrients can prevent cataracts in the eyes. For example, eating blueberries can help the eyes to scavenge free radicals and prevent eye diseases.


When walking on the main road and glancing past the passersby around you, you would find more and more people wearing glasses. In addition to wearing glasses partly for trends and enhancing looks, there are many glasses that are worn because of myopia. Myopia is quite bad. If the degree of myopia is relatively high, you will not be able to take care of yourself without glasses. Therefore, in response to this situation, we must protect our eyesight and avoid some bad habits that could hurt our eyes!

In today’s post, we will learn what habits can damage your eyes and how to protect your eyes everyday.

1. Rest your eyes properly
Whether studying or working on weekdays, you can’t use your eyes all the time, you need to give your eyes a proper rest. For example, every one or two hours, it is necessary to leave the book or computer, look at the distance or look at green plants, which can help relieve eye fatigue. In other words, you can also close your eyes and rest your mind. When you close your eyes, turn your eyeballs more to help relax your eyes.

2. Wear sunglasses when you go out
The weather in Malaysia is hot and the ultraviolet rays are very strong. It is recommended to wear sunglasses when you’re outdoors to help block ultraviolet rays from the eyes and avoid direct ultraviolet rays to the eyes, which may cause eye injuries.

3. Eat more foods that protect your eyes
Many foods contain nutrients that have a protective effect on the eyes. For this, you should eat more foods that protect your eyes, such as broccoli, which contains vitamins and proteins. These nutrients can prevent cataracts in the eyes. For example, eating blueberries can help the eyes clear free radicals and prevent eye diseases.

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