Health – Nurturing Healthy Hearts in Kids

Nurturing Healthy hearts in kids

Everyone wants their child to be healthy and feel good about themselves, both mentally and physically. Considering the importance of nutrition in your child’s development, especially in the first five years of growth, will affect their health, both now and in the future.

Nowadays, we can see that a lot of teenagers have diabetes and high-pressure issues, which are related to their childhood nutrition intake.

According to new research by the British Heart Foundation (BHF), diets high in calories, fat and sugar in childhood can cause damage to blood vessel function, known to heighten the risk of early heart attacks and strokes, as early as adolescence.

Aging naturally causes arteries to stiffen, but smoking and conditions like diabetes can worsen this. Stiff arteries raise blood pressure, strain the heart, and increase heart attack and stroke risks. University of Bristol researchers linked childhood diets high in calories, fat, and sugar (low in fiber) at ages seven and 10 to stiffer arteries at 17. Through its links to high blood pressure, it is associated with a variety of serious conditions including heart failure, stroke and vascular dementia.

In order to prevent these health issues, here are 5 healthy and child-friendly habits you can begin to form:
❤️ Keep snacks simple: a piece of fruit or handful of nuts
❤️ Eat the rainbow! Create colourful plates with a variety of vegetables
❤️ Involve little ones in cooking, even if they are just watching while you explain the process they are still learning
❤️ Limit sugary drinks, including juices
❤️ Mediterranean and anti-inflammatory/high antioxidant diets were protective, with children following these patterns having more elastic arteries at 17.



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Health: Nutrition Guide for Children

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