Health: Nutrition and Immune System

Nutrition and Immune System

There is no substitute for a healthy immune system. A healthy immune system has the capacity to fight off infection, get better from illness, even the ability to overcome the continuous attack of environmental pollutants and toxins.

However, a lot of people only concentrate on drug research and development, ignoring the “best doctor in the world” – the immune system. Even many people believe that the body is healthy if there are no symptoms, but this is not totally true.

Most illnesses take a long time to develop in the body before symptoms occur. Usually, it is already too late to stop the disease by the time the patient realises how serious it is. As a result, maintaining a healthy immune system is essential to preventing disease. Therefore, we should take seriously supporting the immune system with the right nourishment in our daily lives.

Why Nutritional Immunology Matters To Us?

Nutritional immunology is a field of immunology that focuses on understanding how diet affects the immune system’s capacity to defend against infection.

Let’s hear what Dr Jara, Dr Connie & Dr Jerlita have to say about the future of Nutritional Immunology 💓

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Prevention is better than cure

Numerous diseases are brought on by bacteria, viruses, and other microbes, but they are ineffective in the presence of a strong immune system that aids in the prevention of infections. In fact, immune system imbalance is the root cause of the majority of diseases.

When the human immune system is weakened, problems arise. People who are malnourished and under stress may be more susceptible to illness since the immune system needs a good diet and enough sleep to work properly. Thus, it makes immune system more important and it is a must to nourish them to keep us healthy.

Nutritional Immunology

Nutritional Immunology
Rhapsody 协奏曲

Rhapsody are rich in Plant Based Nutrients that benefit overall health in various ways, enhance Immune System to defend Bacteria and Virus Infections, destroy Cancer Cells.

Cactus contains a lot of plant nutrients  and  antioxidants which can enhance the body immune system, thus it can kill and destroy the cancer cells easily.

American Ginseng also contains high amounts of antioxidants that help to strengthen the heart, delay the aging of the human body.

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