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Osteoporosis is one of the most common diseases to get as people get older and it occurs due to a lack of calcium throughout their lives. This disease will cause bones to become more brittle, making it prone to fractures. However, this disease isn’t diagnosed easily and it only becomes prominent when you start breaking a bone. Examples include reduction in height, back pain and slouched posture.

Since it’s not easy to hit the recommended daily intake of calcium per day [1,000 milligrams (mg) daily], calcium supplements have had a positive response in the market. These supplements are made with either calcium carbonate/citrate, with calcium carbonate having the highest % for calcium (40% elemental calcium) and calcium citrate being the easiest to absorb (can be consumed on an empty stomach and having 21% elemental calcium). The supplements are meant to be consumed orally, as per the recommendation on the manufacturing label.

The downside of consuming calcium supplements is the fact you need to couple it with vitamin D to help the body absorb calcium as it can only absorb 500mg at a time. At the same time, if you have hypercalcemia (excess calcium in your blood), it is not recommended either. Calcium supplements do cause certain side effects at times, such as bloating, gas and even constipation, so please consult a doctor before adding any supplements in your diet.

If possible, try to consume calcium from food sources such as dairy products (milk, yogurt), vegetables (broccoli), fish (salmon) and some calcium-fortified foods such as cereal and soy products.


This is a well-known disease that affects mostly elderly women worldwide, and happens silently without any symptoms until it’s too late. Patients only find out about this disease when there are major bone fractures, leading to back pain, uneven posture and a decrease in height once it affects the spine. This disease greatly reduces the amount of bone tissue, leading to a change in the overall bone mass and increased bone fractures.

Diet and proper exercise are one of the most full-proof ways to prevent this disease. Start to be mindful about your diet and consume more calcium and Vitamin D through dairy, fish and assorted fruits/vegetables. Constant exercise can help to maintain the levels of calcium and possibly reduce bone loss in the long run.

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