Health: What to eat during Postpartum Confinement

Rosytime 恋玫

After giving birth, the Chinese believe that there are lots of physical changes in a woman’s body. A woman will lose lots of her strength and wear down her physical function after giving birth and there is a need to recuperate. The term 坐月子 (zuo yue zi) or literally translated to “Sitting The Moon” means to allow postpartum mom to do nothing but to “sit” (rest) recover for one month after delivery. Confinement has become a tradition that has been deeply ingrained in Chinese society.

Nowadays, we will see lots of people buying supplements. But if we think about it attentively, we will not see the elderly taking supplements in the traditional confinement period. Instead, they nourish their body by consuming whole food to get the complete nutrition instead of various medicinal supplements.

In reality, present research has proved that the nutrition of a number of products, including acerola cherries, cactus fruits, and cranberries, can aid mothers with postpartum care.

Mothers can benefit from these nutrients in the following ways:

🍒 Antioxidants can lessen stretch marks and encourage the body to produce its own collagen
🍒 Reduce fatigue
🍒 Avoid anemia – high content of Vitamin C in acerola cherry encourage the body to absorb iron
🍒 Aid in postpartum uterine contraction
🍒 Prevent postpartum hair loss
🍒 Promote postpartum wound healing
🍒 Avoid bacterial infection
🍒 Reduce urinary tract inflammation


We all know that breast milk is good for your baby’s health, and your diet during lactation can affect the quality of your breast milk. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that high-sugar beverages consumed by mothers during breastfeeding can damage children’s early intellectual development.

A previous study by researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles’ Diabetes and Obesity Program found that high-sugar beverages consumed by women in the first few months of the postpartum period not only increased their risk of weight gain, but also increased their newborn’s milk intake of sugar, which is high in breast milk. The sugar is likely to enter the child’s body through breast milk, and too much sugar may affect the child’s brain development.

Eureka Alert, a global science and technology news service operated by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, quoted the researchers as saying that the study showed that the nutritional diet of women during breastfeeding has a greater impact on breast milk quality than we currently know. Thus, the report can be used to guide the nutritional diet of women during breastfeeding in the future to better ensure that the child obtains the basic ingredients needed for cognitive development.

Rosytime 恋玫

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