Health: Why breakfast is so important?

Soygreen 巧绿

Imagine a morning where you drink a cup of coffee, grab anything on the table and call it a day? This is the fate of most working adults daily. Even though we are encouraged by professionals to consume 3 meals a day, it’s sometimes not possible to make time for breakfast as it’s always part of the morning rush hour.

However, experts encourage people to eat healthy breakfast as it can boost metabolism, have a lower BMI, higher chances of consuming sufficient fruits and vegetables, higher daily calcium & fiber intake, balances sugar levels, boosts energy levels and improves heart health. Breakfast is often called ‘the most important meal of the day’, so don’t forget to eat your breakfast.

Soygreen 巧绿

Soygreen is not a drink for weight loss, it also provides all the nutrients that our body need. It contains the nutrients that are suitable for low-calorie diet management weight people.

SoyGreen is low in calories and fat. Pair it with regular exercise. Eat less high-calorie junk food. Towards a healthy, shapely you!

No matter is elderly, children, pregnant women or patients are suitable to drink Soygreen!

Soygreen 巧绿
Soygreen 巧绿
Soygreen 巧绿

SoyGreen contains soy, which is a source of plant-based protein. Adequate protein intake is very important when on a low-calorie diet because it helps prevent muscle loss. Muscle burns more calories than fat does.

SoyGreen rich in plant protein, calcium, iron, folic acid, fibre, antioxidants, trace elements, and a wide variety of phytochemical. It is the perfect meal replacement for weight management as it is high nutrition and low calories.

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Balanced Meal Timing can help with Cognitive Health

Based on the China Nutrition Health Survey (CHNS) public database, research indicates that people who often skip breakfast have a lower cognitive function.

Thus, maintaining balanced temporal distribution of energy intake during a day (TPEIs) has potentially positive effects on cognitive health, whereas skipping breakfast may significantly increase the risk of cognitive decline in middle-aged and older adults.


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