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Chamoment 茶氛

It’s another day, you wake up to the sound of your alarm and rush downstairs to prepare everything and get stuck in traffic to reach your office on time. There’s no time for breakfast and you’re getting ready to face your work environment again for another week. The most convenient drink to wake up to is definitely coffee or anything with caffeine to keep you going throughout the day. Caffeine is a key ingredient in most coffees and teas and most people around the world rely on it to simply function on a weekday.

Despite caffeine having beneficial effects, the recommended amount is up to 4 cups of brewed coffee a day, however it is important to note that caffeine content varies between drinks. The rule of thumb from the FDA is only up to 400 milligrams of caffeine a day and you will be safe from the unpleasant effects of caffeine. However, the effects vary from person to person as it depends on the rate the caffeine is being metabolized as well. Some of the common effects include restlessness, nervousness, headache, anxiety and fast heart rate.

A way to regulate your caffeine intake and to make sure you’re consuming sufficient nutrients is by taking ChaMoment. It contains a blend of tea: Green tea, Ashitaba (type of leaf) and Jasmine tea and has sufficient caffeine levels to keep you energized throughout the day.

This combination of ingredients provides antioxidant properties to help remove toxins for the body. Consistent intake of this tea can help to maintain physical and mental health by regulating blood pressure and improving your mood throughout the day.

Green Tea

Regular Tea Drinking Improves Brain Health

Researchers looked at older individuals and found that regular tea drinking positively contributes to brain connectivity and makes the brain network organization more efficient. Individual components of tea have been found in previous studies to affect cognitive abilities or even prevent cognitive decline, but studies show that these effects do not occur when the components are consumed alone. However, these effects were seen when tea was consumed. 


Antioxidants derived from plants and found in nature are helpful in slowing down human ageing. According to a study by the University of Kansas, the polyphenols found in green tea have an antioxidant impact that is 100 times as strong as vitamin C and almost 23 times more than vitamin E.

According to a study from the University of Newcastle in the UK, green tea polyphenols also support brain cell health, delay brain cell ageing, and maintain mental acuity.

According to American researchers, the blood arteries will harden after consuming a high-fat diet. Drinking green tea while eating or right after can help to relax blood vessels and enhance blood flow. Why does this impact seem so miraculous? This is due to the theanine and catechins found in green tea, which can enhance blood flow and help to fend off diseases including obesity, heart disease and stroke.

Besides, green tea is also linked to many health benefits such as lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and protecting against cancer. It also contains an active ingredient known as theanine, a type of amino acid that helps in reducing stress by providing calming and relaxing effect on brain without sedation so it is a very good drink for people nowadays.

Stress is a typical condition of modern civilization that has a negative impact on our health, emotions and behaviour.
Uncontrolled stress can cause a variety of health issues and diseases.

As a result, when we are stressed, we must take actions to regulate our stress for our mental and physical well-being.

Chamoment 茶氛

Chamoment 茶氛

Chamoment 茶氛 - Jasmine

Folic acid, Spinach

Berrybeat 心欢, berries

Rosytime 恋玫, rose
Chamoment 茶氛

ChaMoment is a delightfully refreshing and healthy tea beverage made from green teajasmine, and ashitaba.

The exquisite aroma of jasmine helps one relax and may help alleviate stress. Enjoy the benefits of plant-based nutrients that help maintain general health.

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