Healthtalk (FiberTalk) 7 – Alternative to high calorie drinks

Fibertalk 纤语

Due to the accelerated pace of life, the increased pressure, and bad living habits all lead to the body being unable to perform at its tip top function. Nowadays, many people are troubled by constipation, which is usually caused by excessive accumulation of toxins in the body. Colon cleansing and detoxification have become a hot topic in urban areas.

FiberTalk contains 3 main ingredients: psyllium, banana and citrus.

Psyllium contains high fiber (both insoluble and soluble fiber). Insoluble fiber acts as a laxative to improve the digestive system and soluble fiber helps to maintain cholesterol levels. Banana contains high levels of potassium to maintain blood pressures whereas citrus provides high phytonutrients and antioxidants to maintain the immune system.

It is suitable for those who want to control their weight, for office workers who have a busy life and neglect to eat a healthy diet, or for those who are looking for a healthy alternative to high calorie drinks.

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Fibertalk 纤语

Dietary fiber is more than just eliminating constipation

When it comes to the benefits of dietary fibre, many people will think of constipation relief, detoxification and edema elimination. However, recent worldwide research demonstrated that adequate dietary fibre can cleanse blood vessels, lower blood pressure and even reduce cholesterol accumulation. Patients with metabolic syndrome are expected to enhance their physical fitness by preventing chronic conditions including cardiovascular disease and cerebral apoplexy.

Adequate dietary fibre intake significantly lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease.

According to an analysis of 31 papers published by the National University of Health Sciences in the United States on dietary fibre and cardiovascular health, people who consume dietary fibre in their daily lives have better cardiovascular results than those who do not consume dietary fibre in the ways shown below:
1. Reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease by 17-23%
2. Reduced disease risk by 9% to 28%.
3. Reduced risk of coronary artery disease by 7% to 24%
4. Reduced risk of stroke by 7% to 17%

Dietary fibre not only reduces the risk of heart disease, but it can also lower the risk of metabolic syndrome.

Following a systematic assessment of 14 international studies on dietary fibre, a study led by the School of Public Health at Soochow University in China indicated that based on 4 generations of survey data, it has been discovered that the higher the intake of dietary fibre, the lower the chance of persons developing metabolic syndrome.

Don’t forget to consume more fruits and vegetables to meet your dietary fibre requirements!

Fibertalk 纤语

Fibertalk 纤语 - Fiber

Fibertalk 纤语

FiberTalk is a fiber-rich powdered beverage made from psyllium husk, banana, and orange to effectively regulate bowel movements, improve skin healthregulate cholesterol levelsmanage blood sugar levels, and promote healthy weight management

Fiber also enhances our digestion system, providing a fluid and smoother passage of food. 

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Eexcel Evernew

EExcel Product – EverNew
Ingredients:- Orange, banana, oats and psyllium husk

Our digestive tract cannot accept excessive amount of one type of dietary fiber. Evernew orange contains a balance mix of soluble and insoluble fiber and is suitable for all ages.

The benefits of fiber:
Protects our heart – soluble fiber interferes with fat and cholesterol absorption, thus lowering cholesterol and protects the heart

Regulates blood sugar level – some soluble fiber helps lower blood sugar level and aids insulin sensitivity

Controls weight – fiber has no calories, yet it could provide a satiety

Maintains good bacteria in our intestines – good bacteria aids in effective nutrients absorption and formation of cancer-resistant acids in our colon. They detoxify harmful compounds and produce vitamin B and K.

Promotes regular bowel movements – fiber adds bulk to the stool and with that it can pass through the colon easier and be expelled with little strain.
Prevent other health conditions such as diverticulosis, hemorrhoides and varicose veins.

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