Healthtalk (FiberTalk) 8 – Never underestimate the power of fiber

Fibertalk 纤语

Fiber can be broken down into soluble (absorbs water) and insoluble fiber (does not absorb water). The former helps to add bulk and form a stool to ensure regular bowel movements and the latter helps to reduce cholesterol levels. Sadly, most people do not meet the adequate levels of fiber on a daily basis (38g per day for males and 25g per day for females – based on a 2000 calorie diet). Some ways of increasing your fiber intake are eating high fiber cereals, brown rice, beans, fruits and vegetables.

Important benefits of fiber include:
✨ Protects against heart disease
✨ Helps to maintain your weight
✨ Reduces the chances of getting diabetes
✨ Reduce risks of a variety of health conditions

With our busy lives, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of your fruit and vegetables intake. Sometimes we need help to reach our goals and this is where Fibertalk comes in. It contains psyllium husk (high source of fiber) and various vegetables, making it the perfect drink to consume to ensure your fiber intake is still on track.

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Fibertalk 纤语 - Psyllium

Fiber is a non-digestible carbohydrate that aids in the regulation of blood sugar levels and the reduction of fat and calorie absorption.

Soluble fiber dissolves in water to lower blood glucose levels and cholesterol levels. Oatmeal, nuts, beans, lentils, apples and blueberries are all high in soluble fiber.

Insoluble fiber is a fiber that does not dissolve in water, can aid in the movement of food through your digestive system, improves regularity and prevents constipation. Wheat, whole wheat bread, whole grain couscous, brown rice, legumes, carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes are all high in insoluble fiber.

According to the American Heart Association, the daily value for fiber is 25-35 grams per day on a 2,000-calorie diet for adults. However, the average American eats only about 16 grams of fiber per day. That’s less than the daily recommended intake for a lot of people.

Eating sufficient fiber can help to:
1. Increase digestive and bowel health, reduce the accumulation of toxins in the body, and make the skin more beautiful.
2. Reduces cholesterol and blood sugar levels
3. Supports weight loss
4. Fuels healthy gut bacteria

diverse gut

gut microbiota
Fibertalk 纤语 - Psyllium Husk
Fibertalk 纤语 - Dietary Fiber
Fibertalk 纤语

FiberTalk is a fiber-rich powdered beverage made from psyllium husk, banana, and orange to effectively regulate bowel movements, improve skin healthregulate cholesterol levelsmanage blood sugar levels, and promote healthy weight management

FiberTalk is a fantastic source of fiber that contains both soluble and insoluble fiber to promote a clean and healthy digestive system. 

Main Ingredients:
Psyllium Husk, Banana, and Orange

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