Healthtalk (GojiGarden) 2 – Food that Rich in Anthocyanidin

Black goji Berry

Black goji berry (Lycium ruthenicum) is a nutritious fruit with higher anthocyanin content than other berries such as blackberry and blueberry. Black goji berry anthocyanins show a variety of colours in a range of pH values, and their stability depends on the pH so that you can observe the colour changes!

Black goji berry anthocyanins deliver many health benefits such as antioxidant, antilipidemic, and anti-inflammatory activities.

Anthocyanidin is a purely natural anti-aging plant nutrient.
💜 Research has shown it to be the most effective antioxidant discovered by humans to date.
💜 Its antioxidant capacity is even more effective than that of Vitamin E and Vitamin C!

Goji Garden 枸杞花园
Goji Garden 枸杞花园

Three Garden Picks, Not Three Flavors.

🎉 Osmanthus GojiGarden:Black goji + Osmanthus
🎉 Rose GojiGarden:Black goji + Rose
🎉 Yuzu GojiGarden:Black goji + Yuzu

Because of different compositions, they also have different effects on our bodies. Each has its own unique health benefits!

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