Healthtalk (RosyTime) 5 – Importance of Collagen

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Let us tell you a term that you must know

“Antioxidant” – It is the word to reveal the secret of ageing.

Antioxidants – substances that inhibit the activity of free radicals.
Why do human age? Every individual ageing because of free radicals.
Do you know that most of the free radicals are produced by our own body?

The body produces a lot of free radicals due to inadequate amounts of vitamins and trace elements, busy lifestyles such as lack of exercise, tense daily routine, bad eating habits and environmental pollution.

What impact does free radicals have on people’s health?

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The point is here. If you are able to find ways to fight free radicals, this means you are able to reverse ageing process!

How to fight against free radicals? The ‘enemy’ of free radicals is antioxidant.

Antioxidants are compounds that can remove free radicals, like how a vacuum cleaner can clean the dirt when needed. Ever wondered how antioxidants can help improve your quality of life? 🧐

Benefits of antioxidants:
🩸 Remove cholesterol that has been deposited onto the walls of blood vessels
⚔️ Lower cholesterol levels and help to fight heart disease
👵 Delay aging
🩺 Anti-inflammatory helps to relieve arthritis and bronchitis
🧬 Helps stem cells to prevent mutation and cancer

Our human body has own antioxidant enzyme system to eliminate free radicals. However, our body produces a lot of free radicals as compared to antioxidants, hence an antioxidant rich nutrition has become modern necessities.

With the right amount antioxidants our body will be able to self produce collagen

1. 1/3 of protein in our body is made up of collagen
2. Collagen is an integral part of our skin (up to 70%)
3. The main functions of collagen: Support, Repair and Protect our body

Importance of Collagen

To Skin

1. Hydrating and toning
2. Reduce size of pores
3. Anti-aging, reduce wrinkles
4. Lightening pigmentation spots and reduce stretch marks

Hairs and Nails

1. Controls the structure, elasticity, moisture and volume of the hair
2. Prevents hair loss and split ends
3. Prevents cracked and dull nails

To Muscle

1. Tones and firms
2. Body sculpting and slimming

To Eyes

1. Maintains clarity of cornea
2. Prevents cataract

Blood Vessels

1. Maintains the elasticity of blood vessels
2. Prevents atherosclerosis
3. Improves blood circulation

Bones and Teeth

1. Prevents osteoarthritis and calcium depletion
2. Prevents gum disease and maintains healthy teeth
3. Providing strong and healthy bones and preventing bones fracture

Immune system

1. Repairs damages organs and keeps our organs youthful
2. Rejuvenates body cells
3. Improves immunity
4. prevent the spread of cancer cells

The best way to replenish collagen in the body is to consume plant foods that are rich in antioxidants such as cactus fruit, acerola cherry, cranberry, and rose. These foods enhance our skin repairing functions and stimulate the body’s ability to produce collagen on its own.

Rosytime contains the most precious cactus fruit, cranberry, acerola cherry and rose. With the world’s top extraction technology, it will provide you with the most natural antioxidant source.

Rosytime 恋玫


– High content of antioxidants and phytochemicals
– Promote skin regeneration
– Acts as an inflammation inhibitor which also aids in wound healing


– High content of antioxidants (50 times higher than lemon)
– Enhances collagen production
– Slows down signs of aging


– High content of antioxidants
– Rich in vitamin C
– Helps inhibit “LDL” cholesterol

Acerola Cherry

– Protects joins
– Increase haemogoblin in body
– Vitamin C content is 33x higher than orange juice


For children and babies

1. Prevents cold
2. Helps absorption of vitamin B12 and iron
3. Ideal for child development

Suitable for expecting mothers or those who are in preparation to conceive

For Teenagers

1. Reduce dark spots
2. Anti-aging and prevent organ problems
3. Hormonal imbalance
4. People who are experiencing Anemia

Benefits fot Elderly

1. Protect eyes and joints
2. Prevent organ aging
3. Reduce the risk of cancer
4. Aged elegants and healthily

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