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The Important of Knowledge

Have you ever thought of why do human die ? Is it due to the age ?

Is there any death certificate written longevity instead of death from cancers, heart diseases or other illnesses. It is commonly seen that people die of diseases. Not only diseases shorten someone’s life, it does affect quality of life too. 

World Health Organisation reported that there are 1 billion people in the world who are overweight and about 300 million of them are obese, Obesity is like a magnet that attracts diseases. Once a person get obese, he or she will be at risk of at least 30 other diseases such as cancer, diabetes and stroke. There are 7 million people who dies from cancer with 10 million new cancer patients every year. Every 30 seconds, a person develops cancer and every 55 seconds, a person dies from cancer. 16 million people worldwide die from heart diseases while 177 million people have diabetes and by 2030, the number of diabetic patients will be doubled. 

Sadly, children suffered from diseases at younger age. 17.6 million children under age of 5 are overweight, and more children are suffering from diabetes and hyperlipidemia. If we don’t take action immediately, one in three children will become diabetic. 

Is your family members be among the above data ?

Some people are not afraid of falling sick as they believe that medicals are advance at present. Hence, there is not much to worry about falling ill. If that so, why is death still occurring at the very young age ?

Not every cancer patients are able to survive as drugs are not able to cure the diseases, it is used for symptomatic treatment. Besides, drugs cause serious side effects which are even more terrible than the disease itself. Recently, there are reports saying that 98000 people die from medical accidents in United States every year, many of them are due to medication errors. Therefore, we have to be more vigilant as many diseases have no cure at present.   

For example, SARS decimated 900 lives back in 2003. The mortality rate of influenza is as high as 30%. Why is there no ways to treat SARS or Influenza ? These are mutant viruses, hardly able to destroy them with drugs. Even if able to find a drug to kill the viruses, once the virus mutates, these drugs become useless again. 

About 500 thousand people die from common flu every year. There is no cure for a common flu as the drugs are only able to shorten or relieve the symptoms. Think about it, when you have headache or normal flu, painkillers can’t kill these viruses but you still better after taking it, why ? 

Some people died from SARS during the outbreak while some are fortunate enough to survive through. Imagine that some cancer patients have been told that they don’t have much time left, but they are still alive after many years. Why is that so ? This is not because of the drugs used, instead it is due to our body immune system. 

Everyone has an immune system, as long as we have the correct information, we are able to prevent diseases even serious illnesses with a robust immune system. 

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