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Economists are predicting a global recession is imminent in 2023. Perhaps you are looking for ways to have an extra income pipeline?

✅ Zero cost to join iTeam, with just one account to start global business
✅ Great support from professional team and great culture in iTeam
✅ Many people are seeking for plan B due to inflation, iTeam is a great platform for everybody
✅ iTeam business is crisis proof and pandemic proof; iTeam is still growing regardless of pandemic
✅ Can achieve happy life engineer without sacrificing health and time to exchange for money

Joining iTeam is an investment in ourselves, growing in mindset, better health, gaining lots of friendships and will have mentors from all over the world.

iTeam iTV English

Kim Loh – entrepreneur from New Zealand

Diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in 1998, with NI products managed to complete chemo and radio therapy in 4 months and bone marrow transplant 2 months later; regained his health.

As a pioneer to started eLead business at NZ in 2020, wanted to help people to get healthy and wealthy


Joe Fu – Nurse for 11 years in Singapore
Health became very bad due to high stress and fast pace, challenging environment , irregular and hectic schedule. Regain her health after knowing NI and start taking NI products.

Started to explore iTeam business to enable herself and family to consume cheaper or free NI products for lifelong.

Wanted to become happy life engineer for balance of health, time, family and financial freedoms. After joining iTeam, has better physical appearance, greater self confidence and courage besides earning USD income.

Jayne Ng – pharmacist for 9 years

Diagnosed with endometriosis at age 25 years old, took hormonal pills, period pain and always need to take sick leave. Did laparoscopy but not helping much as still pain and need to continue hormonal pills.

Regained health through NI products and wanted to consume products for free.

No conflict with her job as pharmacist as medication is used to treat and control, while NI is nutrients which create synergistic effects to help prevention illness over curing

Dreaming to have extraordinary life; so happy to help others become healthier through sharing

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