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Keep fit carefreely

A lot of people been questioning : Is there a really huge difference between healthy food and unhealthy food ?
Scientific proven that : Persevering in eating healthy food and exercise regularly can prevent at least 30% of cancers, 80% of heart disease and 90% of diabetes. 

People are questioning if plant based foods are able to provide adequate amount of calcium and protein to our body needs ?
According to nutritional immunologist Dr Jau-Fei Chen : Take soybean as an example, Soy contains more protein than eggs and meat of the same weight, and soy is also rich in calcium.

Does a child able to grow up healthily by consuming plant based foods ?
Dr Jau-Fei Chen told us that the largest animal in the world such as dinosaurs, elephants and giraffes are all herbivores. This has proven enough that children are able to grow taller and stronger by consuming plant based foods.

Nutritional immunology is an emerging science, it discovers and still continuously explore the secrets of plant world which is beneficial to our health. Nutritional immunology has proven that prevention is better than cure and delays ageing at the same time. 

To regulate our immune system, nutritional immunologist Dr JauFei Chen suggested us : 
1. Exercise regularly as it promotes lymphatic circulation and enhance immune function. 
2. Take a deep breath often if you are too busy to work out as this promotes lymphatic circulation. 
3. Do not stress yourself up as stress will stimulate our body to secrete corticosteroids which suppresses immune system. 
4. Adequate intake of wholesome foods that rich in antioxidants, phytochemical and polysaccharides. Rest more and always put on a smiley face. 

You will surely see a difference once you achieve the above points by taking care of your body. 
Share the above knowledge with loves one and let us do the best to create a healthy and beautiful world. 

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