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“He who has health has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.”

Joining iTeam is an investment in ourselves, growing in mindset, better health, gaining lots of friendships and will have mentors English FB group to listen to some inspiring stories as to how these individuals transformed their health and lives through the science of Nutritional Immunology and its products

iTeam iTV English

Florence, Singapore 🇸🇬

-Introduced by cousin to Nutritional Immunology(NI) in 1997. She lost her father, uncle & aunt due to cancer.

-Her own health is also in jeopardy, with a growing cyst, size of a ping pong ball.

-She started to consume NI products, with phytonutrients, protein and high fiber, she manage to get rid of the cyst.

-Her mother was diagnosed with colon cancer 14 years ago, and have to go through a surgery. Before and after the surgery, her mother consume the cactus product to boost up her immunity. Doctor requested her mother to go through chemotherapy next, but due to her weak condition, and complications with diabetes and high blood pressure, the family decided not to go for chemotherapy but instead, the family follow the S.E.E.D lifestyle together with her mother to regain health.

-S, getting sufficient sleep and not sleeping late. E, emotion control to avoid unnecessary stress. E, moderate exercise to keep the body active. D, consume balanced diet to intake sufficient nutrients.

-Her mother survived, and live a quality life, able to enjoy food, spend time with family and friends, and also contribute to the charity works.

-She acknowledged that Health is our best friend, as Health will always stick with us. With 25 years in NI career, she is awarded with time freedom, financial freedom …and still continue sharing, so that more people can learn about this science and career!

Alan, Australia 🇦🇺
-Introduced to NI 20 years ago while still live in Malaysia, when his wife use it throughout her pregnancy, and the family also using the products whenever they have sickness such as flu and sore throat.

-Unfortunately after migrated to Australia, due to unable to source for the supply, the family stopped taking NI products.

-He started his study in Bachelor of Health Science few years ago, and realized the daily food intake will impact the functionality of our body. It is us, who need to ensure our body can stay in a balance state, homeostasis.

-He was excited when Elead was introduced in Australia few years ago, and starts resume the NI product.

-He consume Soygreen as a full nutrient breakfast before his biking exercise, which helps with his stamina, and also control the body weight. He also took Fibertalk to increase the weekly fiber intake, BerryBeat for high antioxidants that can help with cardiovascular health, as sometimes his meals can be a bit heavier.

-He has took up the 7 days diet exchange plan challenge in August 2022, and 3 months later, put off a great deal of weight, and looks much younger.

-NI products provide a very convenient way for him to prepare his breakfast and lunch, and with a high quality of full nutrients.

-He has started to share the science of NI as iTeam entrepreneur , and once he received his acupuncture certificate, he can incorporate both together to help more people.

Samantha, Malaysia 🇲🇾
Diagnosed with hyperthyroidism( production of too much thyroxine hormone)in May 2018

-And diagnosed with Agranulocytosis(A serious condition that occurs when there is an extremely low number of granulocytes, a type of white blood cell in the blood) in June 2018, this is due to the hyperthyroidism medication depresses the bone marrow’s activity.

-In July 2018, she underwent the radioactive treatment for hyperthyroidism , and her health started to go downhill from there. Life only revolving with hospital visit, taking medications, sleep, rest and eat … she has no energy for other activities.

-She was introduced to NI after that, through her husband’s primary school teacher, who is NI advocate for over 20 years. But Sam wasn’t ready to open up to this science.

-During the 2nd catch up with the same friend a year later, the couple were impressed with the youthfulness this friend has.

-Sam let go of her bias on direct sales product, as she started to trust the science of NI and the quality of the NI products.

-Sam’s health improved ever since she started to consume Rosytime, and more NI products. Now she is able to live a normal active life.

-She is now sharing her experience with NI products and iTeam career, and embark to build her quality retirement life, with both health and wealth.

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