iHeath News: Mushrooms May Protect Against Cancer 菇类可预防癌症

Mushrooms May Protect Against Cancer



Mushrooms May Protect Against Cancer
A systematic review and meta-analysis of 17 cancer studies analyzing data from more than 19,500 cancer patients have found that mushrooms help guard against cancer. The researchers found that people who ate 18 grams of mushrooms daily had a 45% lower risk of cancer compared to people who did not eat mushrooms.

Emerging evidence has suggested that mushrooms may have neuroprotective properties. More recently, investigators from the Ohsaki cohort 2006 study showed that frequent mushroom consumption of 3 times per week or more was associated with a 19% reduced risk of incident dementia among Japanese aged 65 years and above.

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Mushrooms May Lower Prostate Cancer Risk
The risk of prostate cancer increases in men after the age of 50, and in men whose diet consists largely of meat and dairy products, with very little vegetables and fruits. Researchers found that compared to those who ate mushrooms less than once a week, those who ate mushrooms once or twice a week had an 8% lower risk of prostate cancer while those who ate mushrooms three or more times a week had a 17% lower risk.


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蕈菇是根据营养免疫学理论,由冬虫夏草菌丝体、椎茸、巴西蘑菇、舞茸、决明子、 蓝莓等主要原料制成的粉状类饮料。


Mushrooms May Protect Against Cancer
Mushrooms May Protect Against Cancer

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