Nutritional Immunology and I

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With our busy and hectic lifestyle, it can be quite challenging to maintain a healthy and balanced health especially our immune system.

Join us in this Nutritional Immunology and I session to learn how to nourish and take care of our health and immune system.

Listen to some fascinating stories as to how individuals have transformed their health by using the knowledge of Nutritional Immunology.

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Lena, a yoga instructor and beauty therapist:
During 2018, she had an eye infection, and there are blood stains. She would like to heal her body by the immune system, so by consuming Rhapsody and E-munity, she is able to recover in 5 days.

Other than that, she tested COVID positive early in this year. In her previous experience, coughing non-stop is normal for her. It can be until it’s like coughing out the lungs, but with the products she is able to heal in 10 days with no post-COVID symptoms, flu and cough. In the last 5 years, having a cough will take her 3 months to fully recover.

Jenny, a mother of 3:
When she was preparing to deliver the 2nd child, she always got colds, flu and frequent migraines. To her surprise, after one week consuming Rosytime everyday, she did not have migraine anymore. After one month, the cold and flu have gone away too!

She keeps consuming Rosytime after that, and she realizes that she had her 3rd child, which previously it’s very hard for her to be pregnant, especially having the 2nd child which she had 2 miscarriages in between and had to have medication.

Teck Choo:
Her husband is like most US citizens. Snacks, sodas, drinks are all around in his life. So abandoning most of the diet, and he puts on a lot of weight because of busy working schedules, business trips etc.

As she realized exercise is not the only way to lose weight effectively, she started to let her husband have a 7-day diet exchange program, using NI products, Soypro and Soygreen. With that her husband managed to lose weight.

Detoxification happens as if the skin becomes brighter and younger, it makes him more energized than before. He is able to apply nutritional immunology knowledge in his daily life too! Of course, sometimes enjoyment is okay because he enjoys food too, especially Texas is a city of food.

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