Nutritional Immunology

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E. Excel’s Nutritional Immunology

We all desire a long, full life. What if you could increase your chances of living a longer life? Imagine being around to see your great-grandchildren, or even your great-great-grandchildren. Nutritional Immunology focuses on exactly this. Nutritional Immunology teaches you how to eat healthily to prevent diseases and slow down the signs of aging. Scientists have found that human beings can live to 120 years old and beyond.

According to Nutritional Immunology, we should eat wholesome plant foods instead of food derived from animals. It is not enough to eat only one type of plant food. We should eat many different fruits and vegetables—as many as we can. The fruits and vegetables we eat should be rich in plant nutrients such as phytochemicals, antioxidants, and polysaccharides. These plant nutrients are best eaten in their natural form as whole fruits and vegetables. What this means is that the fruits and vegetables you see in the market are perfect for nourishing your immune system. They are the secret to a long life!

Nutritional Immunology is always progressing. E. Excel’s Nutritional Immunology research has uncovered a lot of fascinating and useful knowledge on nutrients in fruits and vegetables. For example, different species of the same type of plant have different combinations of nutrients. Also, some parts of a plant are more nutritious than other parts. E. Excel’s Nutritional Immunology research has also found the best conditions for growing and harvesting plants, including temperature and the time of harvest.

All of us, especially busy people, need Nutritional Immunology. So E. Excel produces health food that makes it easy for busy people to eat plant foods. E. Excel’s products are not medication and cannot replace medical advice or medication. They are simply convenient ways to eat plant foods. They are the same plant foods as those in the supermarket. The next time you hold a fruit or vegetable in your hand, remember that it is the best food for your immune system and a long life.