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Rhapsody Millenium


Millennium uses cactus as its main ingredient. The fragrant cactus juice is a beautiful gift from nature. Millennium also contains honey and royal jelly for a sweet and delicious taste.

Millennium is a concentrated cactus beverage formulated upon the principles of Nutritional Immunology. Besides cactus, Millennium contains royal jelly and honey to provide an excellent source of nutrients for the body.Cactus is a natural plant food that is rich in phytochemicals. Research has revealed many amazing benefits of cactus such as strengthen the immune system, lowering blood glucose, improving cholesterol level and speeding up wound healing. In addition, phytochemicals are scientifically proven to help prevent the spread of cancer.

Millennium is in liquid form. Millennium Powder Beverage is in powder form and, hence, more travel-friendly. Because it contains stevia instead of honey, it is also more suitable for those on low-sugar diets.
Stevia refers to the stevia rebaudiana plant, a 100% natural ingredient that provides sweetness without calories. Stevia also has the added benefit of helping to maintain a lower blood glucose level, and studies indicate it may also help support lower blood pressure levels. Those on low-sugar diets will appreciate these benefits especially.

✅ Enhance immune system, prevent cancer, control tumor growth, help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and electrotherapy.
✅ Cactus contains more than 10,000 phytonutrients that can break down carcinogens and prevent the spread of cancer.
✅ Accelerate Wound Healing, Detoxification, Anti-inflammatory, Lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar and blood pressure.
✅ Super strong antioxidant, Delay Aging, accelerate recovery after illness, and strengthen weaken body (frequent get fever&cold)
✅ Enhance immunity to prevent viral infections (hand, foot and mouth disease, dengue)

Millennium Liquid Form 
There are 2 types of Millennium Liquid: 
1. Millennium : made of Cactus, Honey, Lemon, Orange, Royal Jelly
2. Millennium Red: made of Cactus and Sorbitol 

Eexcel Millenium Red

Millennium Red contains the same nutritional benefits of cactus extract as Millennium, minus the royal jelly and honey. Instead, Millennium Red is formulated with sorbitol, a natural sweetener found in the berries of the sorbus tree, cherry, pear and other fruits. Research has shown that consuming sorbitol will not elevate blood sugar levels.
suitable for people with special dietary requirement such as low sugar and diabetes 
 Ingredients:  Cactus, Lemon, Orange 


Millennium Powder Beverage
Millennium Powder Beverage was launched with higher concentration x 3 times higher than Millennium LIQUID. 

This product DOES NOT contain Royal Jelly and Honey. 
So, it’s suitable for people with special dietary requirement such as low sugar and diabetes. 
Ingredients:  Cactus, Orange, Lemon 

Eexcel Millenimu gold

Millennium Powder Beverage GOLD Edition

This product contains both cactus and cordyceps mycelium to nourish and energize your day.

Ingredients:  Cactus, Cordyceps Mycelium, Orange, Lemon

Eexcel Celebration

Celebration Powder Beverage
Celebration Powder Beverage is one the most premium products among all Cactus Series. 
This product is made from precious botanical ingredients like cordyceps mycelium and American ginseng, but without the bitter and unappealing taste. Enjoy a sweet and delicious beverage, especially suited for those who need extra nourishment, such as the elderly and the frail. 
Ingredients:  Cactus, Cordyceps Mycelium, American Ginseng, Lemon, Orange

Eexcel BenefitsofTrio
Eexcel Cordyceps Emunity

Cordyceps sinensis does not look like a typical mushroom. But its peculiar appearance belies its healthful properties that nourish the body and support the immune system for overall vitality.

Wild cordyceps is extremely expensive because it is very rare and cannot be cultivated. There is also concern about counterfeit cordyceps as well as cordyceps that has lead inserted into it to increase weight and profits. Such situations can endanger the health of consumers.

The mycelium of Cordyceps sinensis can be cultivated, and has considerable nutritional value. Only cordyceps mycelium of certain verified species of cordyceps shares similar nutritional value with Cordyceps sinensis.

Eexcel Ginseng

Ginseng has been around for centuries and is well known as the “king of herbs.” Every part of the plant—from flower, stem, leaf, roots to the fruit, is beneficial, and may help improve overall health, including brain and skin health!

Knowledge - Ginseng


Ginseng is often referred to as the “king of herbs,” and for a good reason. This precious herb contains ginsenosides, which exist only in ginseng and can help the body cope with stress. Ginsenosides can also help boost nerve growth factor (NGF) levels in the brain. NGF is important for the normal development of the brain and the nervous system.

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