Plant Food – RaisinTree, American Ginseng, Monk Fruit

RaisinTree 藤密, Hovenia Dulcis

The liver is known as a silent organ, as even when a liver failure occurs, the symptoms often go unnoticed. By the time liver illness shows, it is tough to treat.

Eating more liver-protective foods, like Raisin Trees which can help us take better care of our livers and prevent the development of liver illnesses. Let’s take a look at the benefits of American Ginseng, Raisin Tree and the Monk Fruit.

RaisinTree 藤密, american ginseng

RaisinTree 藤密

RaisinTree 藤密 Hovenia

RaisinTree 藤密 Hovenia, Blood sugar
RaisinTree 藤密

RaisinTree is the ideal beverage to enhance and protect your liver health. The better we take care of our liver health, the better it will take care of us.

Enjoy the delicious taste of RaisinTree daily, and especially before and after a party. Other main ingredients include American ginseng and monk fruit (luo han guo).

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