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Extra Excellence Manufacturing prioritises food safety.
eLead Global’s mission is to bring the of health and knowledge to mankind. The company thrives on delivering excellence, and its products are manufactured based on the science of Nutritional Immunology. All nutritional products of eLead Global are self-produced and self-manufactured, preserves the products’ uniqueness with the highest standard of quality control management. 

eLead Global has its own laboratory in the manufacturing factory, from raw ingredients to the finished products under high standard quality control of stringent tests. 
eLead Global has manufacturing facilities in USA, Singapore and Shanghai. Due to their strict requirement and excellent quality controlling in every steps of the production,
eLead Global obtains recognition of several international awards, including GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and AVA (Argi-Food & Veterinary Authority). 

GMP – basic guideline for pharmaceutical production and quality control, endorsed by World Health Organization (WHO) 
AVA – The Food Factory Grading Scheme was implemented by AVA to ensure the excellent standards of food safety and product quality in Singapore.

Ever wondered about the different types of packaging in the market – like how some milk must be kept in the fridge while others can be left outside for days?

This is where food safety comes in to ensure the final product is safe for consumption and reduces the chances of diseases. It starts from sourcing the raw materials, preparing it, giving it treatment, if necessary, finally packaging it and transporting it to the desired location. Each and every step is crucial to ensure the public’s health is protected.

Our products are individually packed for hygiene and food portioning, ensuring your product doesn’t go bad before you consume it (assuming it is consumed before the expiry date). Careful research has been done to ensure the packaging isn’t permeable and provides the best quality to store the product. All of our formulations also do not have any preservatives and has been tested for heavy metals and pesticides (which comes back negative).

The formulation is carefully researched for a long period of time before launching it and processed in a GMP certified facility. Each and every product is targeted for a certain health concern, and it helps to supplement your current diet on busy days instead of reaching out for snacks or instant noodles. Do consume our products with confidence as we strive to give the best to our consumers.

Good Manufacturing Practice #GMP
GMP is the basic guideline for pharmaceutical production and quality control, is an initiative by Worid Health Organization (WHO). GMP covers all aspects of production: from raw materials, premises and equipment, the training and personal hygiene of staff, packaging, distribution to quality control. To date, GMP has become the standard for pharmaceutical industries in various countries. Pharmaceutical companies that are not GMP-certified are not allowed to begin production. However GMP certification is not required for food manufacturers. Only a few manufacturers have set high standards for themselves applied to be GMP-certified.

E.Excel International has always strived for perfection in product quality. This commitment has pushed us to continue manufacturing high quality products.

Multiple safety tests are also conducted
1. Comprehensive Microorganism Tests (Bacteria E.coli, Salmonella spp, Yeast & Mold etc) on raw materials, production processes and finished products to ensure product safety.
2. Heavy Metals Tests (Mercury, Copper, Arsenic, Lead, Cadmium) to ensure products are free from these harmful component contamination.
3. Pesticides Tests on raw materials to ensure crops are not polluted by pesticides in water used for irrigation or from neighbouring farms.
4. Poison Tests on 1822 different types of poisons including narcotics (eg. cocaine), steroid drugs (eg. cortision), banned drugs (eg. Fenfluramine) and human growth hormones.
5. Microscopic Test on raw materials for foreign objects like dust, hair, wires.
6. Finished Product Testing to detect accurately objects like metals, glass, plastics, stones, hairs in the products.
7. Stability Testing on finished products to ensure a product’s quality does not change during the validity period stated on the product’s label.

Additional unique specific tests are also conducted for certain products.
1. Gene modification tests conducted on Soy. Besides organic ingredient, E.Excel uses only non-genetically modified soy that is high in protein.
2. Antibiotics Tests done on all honey, royal jelly and pollen to ensure no presence of antiobiotics before use in production.
3. Caffeine Tests on Aromantic and triflora for caffeine content of green tea leaves to ensure green tea leaves selected are of lowest levels of caffeine.
4. Melamine Tests. E.Excel is proud to announce that melamine has never been detected in E.Excel products.
5. E.Excel processes ginseng immediately after harvest and hence does not go through sulfur-smoke process which willcause serious harm to health.
6. Careful selection of packaging material to meet international safety standards.

Safe and Clean Production Environment based on the below aspects to prevent contamination of raw materials, production processes and packaging to ensure product safety.
1. Humidity
2. Dust
3. Temperature
4. Bacteria
5. Water
6. Automated Production

E.Excel for being 1 of the only 7 recipients of the Gold Award🏅 in the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority’s (AVA) Food Safety Excellence Awards 2018 by achieving Grade A in Food Safety for 15 consecutive years.
♡ Rigorous testing of raw materials
♡ HACCP-based food safety management system
♡ Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification
♡ Production staff’s hygiene and training
♡ External and internal food safety audits
♡ State-of-the-art machinery

eLEAD Product Safety

Extra Excellence Manufacturing (S) Pte Ltd has won the Food Safety Excellence Award – #GOLD Award 2018

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