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Rosytime 恋玫

Over the years, there are women who are shameful of talking about menstrual problems. If problems with your periods are affecting your life, you need to treat it today to avoid any further serious problems.

Painful periods during the first two days? Usually, most of the women take painkillers to ease the pain.
Irregular periods may indicate that you do not ovulate every month. On top of that, the balance of the female hormones may be upset.

Some women suffer from dysmenorrhea for a long time but ignore it. Some think it is a “natural phenomenon” and will heal without medicine. As a result, their quality of life will be affected, such as poor school performance, frequent sick leave, bad mood, poor friends or partner relationship, etc. If dysmenorrhea has surprising symptoms, affecting life and fertility, it is necessary to be vigilant!

How to treat these problems?
Eat a healthy diet includes plenty of grains, fruits, vegetables, good sources healthy vitamins.
Protect your womb as it is affecting your menstrual cycles. Drink Rosytime as it helps the ovary and uterus to function at its best by nourishing the female organs.

A woman who has a menstrual problem such as painful periods. For instance, your period did not come on time, too much or too little menstrual flow.

🌹ROSYTIME is specially designed to protect the ovaries and uterus. It effectively helps the ovaries and uterus to operate in the best condition. It is a healthy drink that nourishes female organs.

The 1st ingredient: Cactus Fruits🌵
👉Cactus fruit is abundant in antinoxidants and vitamin C, making it a potent food for promoting cell renewal and repair, increasing skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles, decrease the signs of aging. When applied topically, it can help speed up wound healing by one-fold.

The 2nd ingredient: Acerola Cherries🍒
👉Acerola cherries are rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant. The high amounts of vitamin C contribute to vitamin B12 and iron absorption by our body. Do you know that? Acerola cherries contain 33 times the amount of vitamin C in orange juice. Hence, it can quickly improve immunity, help the body maintain the ovaries and uterus, and can also help women greatly reduce the chance of suffering from uterine fibroids and ovarian cancer!

The 3rd ingredient: Cranberries🍇
👉Cranberries contain antioxidant proanthocyanins, known especially for its ability to remove free radicals scavenging effect, avoid cell damage and maintain the health and viability of the cells. Cranberries can contract the pelvic floor muscles and tighten the vagina!

The 4th ingredient: Rose🌹
👉Roses is a gentle astringent that has cleansing, purifying, softening, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It enhances beauty by helping to lighten pigmentation for a smoother, fairer complexion. Roses can help shrink the uterus and effectively prevent sagging uterus.
If you often worry about menstruation coming too early or too late, too much or too little menstruation, menstrual cramps, vaginal discharge problems, urinary tract infections, frequent urination, pain during urination, ROSYTIME can help to improve these problems.

Woman who are having pregnancy issue. It helps to protect your uterus and ovary. When your womb is healthy, intimate sexual life and pregnancy is not an issue.

Before pregnancy – Create a healty ovary an healthy environment create higher chance of conceiving.
During pregnancy – Helps build a stronger immune system, beauty skin for you and your baby, balance your hormones, prevent Anemia, baby also will hardly fall sick, prevent UTI or while discharge.
After pregnancy – Helps to speed up an wound and uterus recovery and balance your hormones back.

Must-have products for pregnant women.
Rosytime creates VIP wombs for babies.
Don’t buy it online, it may be tens to hundreds of dollars cheaper, and you may buy expired or counterfeit goods. We will teach you to order by yourself and buy with peace of mind.

Drink 🌹ROSYTIME, you will have a healthy uterus and a happy life!

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Rosytime 恋玫

RosyTime is rich of Antioxidants that may encourage Collagen production, reduce damage by harmful UV Rays and protect against Free Radical damage. 

The main ingredients in Rosytime include:
Cactus Fruit: Help to remove excessive toxins in our body and prevent the aging of internal organs
Acerola Cherry: Improve immune system, reduce the risk of uterine fibroids and ovarian cancer.
Cranberry: It helps to contract the pelvic floor and tighten the vagina.
Rose: Rose helps to tighten the uterus while effectively prevent the uterine prolapse.

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