Healthtalk (RosyTime) 2 – Who is suitable for this product?

Rosytime 恋玫

Are you:
Lack of vitality or physical strength?
Feeling tired after climbing the stairs?
Often lying down while you are resting?
Course and dry hair? Grey hair increase?
Hair getting thinner or breakage hair?
Wrinkles on face and neck?
Is skin no longer moisturise?
Double chin, lower body and arm muscles flabby?
Lower body getting fatter but you can’t slim down?

If you have this problem, this means your body is ageing and getting older.  

In order for the ageing process to slow down, you need to know that Rosytime contains antioxidant properties.

Rosytime contains the most precious cactus fruit, cranberry, acerola cherry and rose. With the world’s top extraction technology, it will provide you with the most natural antioxidant source.

Drink every day to make our organ younger and healthier while various body system can function normally and healthily. When our body system is healthy, our skin will appear to be young and radiant.
Rosytime is the best nutritional drink for our skin health.

When we are able to consume more antioxidants, that means we are able to stay longevity, health and beautiful.

Enjoy youth beauty by the essence of rose
– Promotes skin collagen, accelerates skin renewal and repair, improves blood circulation;
– Regulates endocrine system, maintains youthfulness of female reproductive system;
– Accelerates cellular repair and impedes organ deterioration and aging;

Who is suitable for this product?


Reduce dark spots and whitening to let our skin glow naturally and improve skin elasticity
Pregnant women, lactating women, and women who take contraceptives pills regularly
People who are Anemia
Bleeding gingival problem


People who always intake high fats, high calorie and high cholesterol food
Prevent ageing of organs
Improve body energy and physical strength
Enhance body resistance


Prevent colds
Help the absorption of vitamin B12 and iron
Ideal for child development


Prevent organ ageing
Protect eyes and joints
Reduce the risk of cancer
Get old elegantly and healthily

ROSYTIME Woman’s Best Healthy Drink.

• Formulated with the science of Nutritional Immunology.
• Does not contain any lactose, milk or dairy products.
• Does not contain preservatives. Please consume immediately upon opening.
• Tested for heavy metals and pesticides.
• Suitable for all range of people.
• Vegetarian and vegan friendly.
• Halal certification from Singapore.
• Good quality of manufacturing under GMP certification.

Rosytime 恋玫

RosyTime is rich of Antioxidants that may encourage Collagen production, reduce damage by harmful UV Rays and protect against Free Radical damage. 

The main ingredients in Rosytime include:
Cactus Fruit: Help to remove excessive toxins in our body and prevent the aging of internal organs
Acerola Cherry: Improve immune system, reduce the risk of uterine fibroids and ovarian cancer.
Cranberry: It helps to contract the pelvic floor and tighten the vagina.
Rose: Rose helps to tighten the uterus while effectively prevent the uterine prolapse.

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Rosytime 恋玫

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