Nutritional Immunology

Research Focus in Nutritional Immunology

In the current complex health landscape, there is a heightened interest in improving the immune system. Advancements in nutritional... Read More
Nutritional Immunology

What is Nutritional Immunology?

Nutritional immunology is a field of study that focuses on the relationship between nutrition and the immune system. It... Read More
Nutritional Immunology, prevention

Prevent is Better than Cure

Prevention is better than cure, and this is especially true when it comes to the immune system. A healthy... Read More
eLEAD Product

Nutritional Immunology Products

eLead Global is a multinational health food company founded on a simple yet powerful idea of “we are the... Read More
The Immune System

The Immune System

The human immune system is the best doctor in the world. When the immune system is weak, we are... Read More
The Important of Knowledge

Important of knowledge_video

Have you ever thought of why do human die ? Is it due to the age ? Is there... Read More
Dysregulated Immune System

Dysregulated Immune System_video

Most diseases are caused by body’s system malfunction and there are many types of immune system disorders.... Read More
Keep fit carefreely

Keep fit carefreely_video

A lot of people been questioning : Is there a really huge difference between healthy food and unhealthy food?... Read More
The differences between Food and Medicine

The differences between Food and Medicine_video

In fact, medicine alone cannot cure diseases. What really cures diseases is the self-healing ability of the human body... Read More
Difference Between Plant and Animal based foods

Difference Between Plant and Animal based foods_video

Most people think that meat and milk have protein. There is too little protein in plants. In fact, some... Read More