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Health – The Benefits of the Plant-based Diet for Heart Health

In the realm of nutrition, the spotlight is increasingly turning toward plant-based diets for their myriad benefits, and one... Read More
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Healthtalk (Soygreen) 7 – The Power of Micronutrients

Micronutrients are the foundation of optimal health, and Soygreen is here to support your journey towards a healthier, more... Read More
Insufficient intake of fruits and vegetables

Health: Insufficient Intake of Fruits And Vegetables may lead to Heart Disease & Stroke

A study conducted by the American Heart Association (AHA) has revealed that insufficient consumption of fruits and vegetables may... Read More
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Healthtalk (Soygreen) 6 – How to prevent stomach acid?

Stomach acid is an acid produced in the stomach which helps to break down food after eating. It is... Read More
Meal Replacement

Healthtalk (Soygreen) 5 – Meal Replacement

There are so many priorities in life and it’s hard to focus on everything while maintaining a balanced and... Read More
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Healthtalk (Soygreen) 4 – The secret of losing weight healthly

Choose SoyGreen to help you in your weight management process, and get more energy compared to before!... Read More
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Healthtalk (Soygreen) 3 – Who is suitable for this product?

SoyGreen contains psyllium husk which is rich in soluble fiber, to help soften stools, relieve constipation and irritable bowel... Read More
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Healthtalk (Soygreen) 2 – Nutritional Meal Replacement

Soybean is free of cholesterol and contains a lot of protein. Soy isoflavones can reduce the cholesterol index, and... Read More
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大豆有助於減少低密度脂蛋白 Soy Can Help Lower LDL Cholesterol

針對43項試驗所做的綜合分析指出,大豆可以減少體內的低密度脂蛋白膽固醇(即「壞」膽固醇)。... Read More
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Healthtalk (Soygreen) 1 – Manage Body Weight

Consume Soygreen every morning or before having a meal, it can help to reduce weight, and prevent coronary heart... Read More