Health: Debunking the myth of supplements

Health: Debunking the myth of supplements

It’s important to be cautious when you put anything in your body. It can cause side effects such as... Read More
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Health: There is NO SHORTCUT for Health

Improving immunity is a long-term process. Taking good care of your health can feel more like a long-term investment... Read More

Health: Calcium

Studies are showing increased risks for heart attack and stroke among men and women taking 1,000 to 1,200 mg... Read More
Vitamin D supplements

Health: Vitamin D supplement can increase the risk of dementia

Based on Taiwan’s National Health Insurance Research Database, the population-based cohort studies suggested that dementia-free older adults were 1.8... Read More
Importance of Iron, supplement

Health: Importance of Iron

Iron is a trace mineral, most commonly found in haemoglobin (globular protein) which is made up of 4 polypeptide... Read More
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补充剂 Supplements – Certain Supplements Linked to Serious Health Issues

Some supplements sold in the U.S. for weight loss, muscle building, energy, and colon cleansing, have been found to... Read More