The differences between Food and Medicine_video

The differences between Food and Medicine

The differences between Food and Medicine

Are more vitamins good for me?

If something is good, people tend to want more of it. That holds doubly true for vitamins. Vitamins are good for you, but only in the amounts that your body requires. However, the danger comes when you get too much of a vitamin, something that is exceedingly easy to do with vitamin supplements.

What happens if I overdose on vitamins?

Overdosing on vitamins is easy when taken in concentrated doses in supplement form. This can
cause various health problems, for example:
Vitamin C — kidney stones
Vitamin A — osteoporosis, liver damage, and birth defects
Vitamin D — heart arrhythmias, and hypercalcemia, which weakens bones and damages the
heart and kidneys
Vitamin A, D, and K — toxicity (our body cannot get rid of these vitamins)
Iron — heart and liver damage
Vitamin E — higher risk of osteoporosis

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