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I think a single income is no longer able to support our daily expenses….
Like most working mothers, I find it hard to juggle between work and family after having my kid….
Time management is my greatest challenge as I have a “24/7” kind of working hours…

You can’t go back and change the beginning but you can start from where you are now and change the ending.

iTeam iTV English

Bryan is a fully registered pharmacist in Malaysia. He first thought that being a pharmacist is a high-paying professional job but he then realized pharmacy jobs are now overloaded with fresh graduates and the positions in private and government pharmacies are getting more and more limited.

He came across nutritional immunology due to his mom, who is a breast cancer survivor. He wishes to find a solution to prevent his mother from cancer relapse. He then decided to join iTeam because of inflation, and because of having double income sources, he managed to own his very first landed property at the age of 25.

Like all women who want to look slim and presentable, Yen Xia decided to join the 7-Day Diet Exchange Plan and she managed to lose 3kg healthily! Unfortunately, during her first pregnancy, she had constipation for a week and she found out that she had hypothyroid, which means that she had low thyroid levels and she was at a higher risk for baby miscarriage.

After consuming Rosytime, her thyroid levels returned to normal and she had a smooth pregnancy. She decided to join iTeam because she felt like she had no work-life balance as a nurse, as she needs to be there for her patients 24/7 after work hours or even during weekends.

Irene, a chemical engineer, felt that her workload has taken a toll on her health and she always had to take emergency leave from work to take care of her daughter whenever she falls sick. After taking Rosytime and Soygreen, her health has improved and she doesn’t experience menstrual cramps anymore. Her daughter also doesn’t get sick often now. Even if she falls sick, she recovers quickly within one or two days without taking any medication.

During MCO, she noticed that a lot of conventional businesses were being affected by the lockdown but iTeam kept growing during the tough time. She then decided to join iTeam and she now has the time flexibility to take care of her family.

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