Why Nutritional Immunology Matters To Us?

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Listen how the Life-Changing Science of Nutritional Immunology impacted the lives of our fellow advocates in the Medical field.

Knowledge - Nutritional Immunology

Dr Margarita Jara, Obstetrician-Gynaecologist

-Introduced to NI due to health needs
>Learnt from NI that, wholesome food’s nutrients will complement with the medication to help the patient with faster recovery.

> Understand the function of the immune system through NI. Starts taking wholesome food based on NI for several months, rhinitis and dysmenorrhea disappeared. Approved of the NI science as a doctor.

> Starting to introduce the nutrition food to own family & patients. Seeing good result, as baby born by mother who took wholesome food product appeared to be smarter and talented, according to fellow pediatrician .

> Prescribed wholesome food product to pregnant patients instead of medication. Those who is sick, complement the wholesome food product with medication.

> My dream, doctors will get to know the science of NI, so that they not only helping the sick patients, but also prevent them to get sick.

Connie Domingo, Registered Nutrition Dietitian

> NI helped to redefine the nutrition beyond the basic micro, macro nutrient. Open up to the nutrients of photochemical, polysaccharides & antioxidants.

> Advocating for plant based food, example the Soy protein which is complete, higher protein and has no cholesterol and lower fat than animal protein.

> To empowering people with the knowledge of NI, to prevent lifestyle diseases.

Jerlita Manoag, Registered Nurse

> Introduced to NI in 1997, provided with a hope that even sick patients can live productively.

> Changed the perception about healthy living, where preventive is better than cure.

> NI introduced the 6 criteria of healthy food

> NI’s food product provide the conveniency, for a variety of plant with the highest nutrient parts, using the high technology to maintain the nutrients.

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